Hereditary Conditions and Gene Discovery

Major medical advances are being made to understand genes involved in hereditary susceptibility to illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, and mental illness.  Such advances help us in many ways. We can identify people who are at a higher risk to develop medical conditions. We can design early detection programs and preventative treatment measures for people who may have inherited a disease-related gene mutation. 

The Center for Medical Genetics is a leader in research to discover disease related gene mutations and life-sustaining research to keep you SAFE.  You may be eligible to take part in ongoing studies as a research subject. Our studies include:

Bringing Genetics to the Practice of Medicine 

The Center for Medical Genetics is a leader in creating family history software. MyGenerations™ is an interactive computer program available online or at touchscreen kiosks in the Evanston and Highland Park Hospital Kellogg Cancer Centers, the Graham Office Medical Building mammography center, and the Glenbrook Hospital main lobby. MyGenerationsTM allows you to do a confidential initial screening for hereditary cancer risk and provides steps to deal with that risk.

The Center for Medical Genetics is also a leader in evaluating family history software.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) funded the Center for Medical Genetics with a three year grant to evaluate their own predictive software, Family Healthware™. We are recruiting 2,000 NorthShore patients with the cooperation of more than 100 primary care physicians.  The study will measure the impact of the program’s health messages on people’s health behaviors and the use of health services.

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