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Asthma Treatment

Living with asthma—an inflammation and narrowing of your airways that affects your breathing—at any age can be challenging. At NorthShore, our immunology teams works with patients of all ages with asthma symptoms, including children, teens and adults, and pregnant women to develop individualized actions plans.

Our team recognizes that having difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing—all symptoms of asthma—can greatly impact your daily life. Even though asthma is considered a chronic condition, it can be properly maintained through medical support and treatment.

Asthma symptoms can often be best managed when you are able to identify your triggers. These triggers may involve:

Our immunology experts can help you identify these triggers as well as assist you with developing an asthma action plan. This action plan will provide guidance on when you should take asthma medication (which may include an inhaler), as well as how to measure your peak expiratory flow (PEF) and approach an asthma attack.

Depending on the severity of your asthma, our team may also partner with NorthShore experts in pulmonary medicine. It is our goal to help you best manage your asthma symptoms so you are able to lead a healthy life.