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NorthShore Cardiovascular Institute

At the NorthShore Cardiovascular Institute, we provide integrated access to outstanding physician expertise, a highly personalized patient experience, coordinated first-rate surgical and medical services, and a pioneering research program that leads the way in developing innovations that are transforming how cardiovascular care is delivered.

Multispecialty Team

NorthShore’s cardiovascular team is comprised of more than 40 world-class experts in every cardiac specialty. Our multidisciplinary team of dedicated experts includes cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, advanced practice nurses and physician assistants, all committed to providing our patients with quality, accessible cardiovascular care.

The Cardiovascular Institute team collaborates with one another and other disciplines such as vascular surgery to offer a seamless patient experience through the use of innovative techniques, customized treatment options, breakthrough research and a state-of-the-art electronic medical records system.

Multispecialty team discussing a patient's cardiovascular care

Compassionate Care

Our integrated cardiovascular care team offers individualized treatment programs to guide patients through the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of complex heart conditions and diseases. The combined expertise of cardiologists and cardiac surgeons allows our team to develop treatment plans designed to provide each patient with exceptional heart care.

Our team at the Cardiovascular Institute offers personalized heart and vascular care in a number of specialty areas.

A doctor managing a patient's cardiac care

Research & Innovation

NorthShore’s team of heart and vascular specialists is committed to advancing and improving patient care as it relates to the prevention, diagnosis, screening and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Our leading specialists are recognized as national innovators in advanced treatments and non-invasive procedures. 

We are also paving the road to identifying the genetic risk factors associated with various cardiac conditions. Through our personalized medicine efforts, we are able to enhance prevention, treatment and diagnosis of various cardiovascular conditions, including atherosclerosis, cardiomyopathy and more.

Through our vast offerings of clinical trials, eligible patients have the opportunity to access and participate in new treatment options. Our team’s involvement in innovative research directly impacts and enhances the cardiac care we provide to our patients.

A doctor consulting with a patient on heart and vascular care