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Healthy You

Healthy You Podcast

Wednesday, January 29, 2020 9:21 AM
Tags: health tips

The Healthy You podcast from NorthShore University HealthSystem examines trending topics in healthcare, from issues making headlines to the latest developments in clinical care and the newest trends to help you lead a healthier life. The podcast is an informative and entertaining dive into what’s happening in healthcare. Listen to it directly in your browser below or subscribe on your favorite podcast app using the links we provide.

Do You Have Dense Breasts?

Episode 7

This episode explains the urgency of why you need to know if you have dense breast tissue and how the laws are changing in 2020 to help.

The Cannabis Question

Episode 6

From the frontlines of the medical marijuana debate, Leslie Mendoza Temple, MD, shares her unique perspective on the changing landscape of cannabis—from medical marijuana to the proliferation of CBD retail outlets and what you need to know.

Beer Vendor Bond

Episode 5

A Wrigley Field beer vendor recovering from a massive heart attack shared a special bond with his cardiologist, who was also a beer vendor at Wrigley.

Bring your DNA to the Pharmacy

Episode 4

This episode delves into pharmacogenomics, a developing field where caregivers are assessing patients’ DNA to try to determine what drug is best for them.

Opioid Addiction Series

Episode 1-3

In this three-part series we examine the opioid epidemic in America, hearing from a patient battling addiction and from addiction experts at NorthShore’s Doreen E. Chapman Center, who work with individuals struggling with substance use disorders.

Episode 1: Sharon's Journey

In this episode, we visited 58-year-old Sharon at her home in the Chicago suburb of Winnetka. With its large homes set back from tree-lined streets, Winnetka’s not the kind of place you’d expect to find the issue of addiction, but it’s here. Sharon, a mother of five and interior designer who works out of her home, fell into addiction after undergoing a surgical procedure to address her chronic pain.

Episode 2: Surrender and Recovery

In this episode, we speak to addiction experts at the Doreen E. Chapman Center, a comprehensive treatment facility at NorthShore University HealthSystem for individuals struggling with substance use disorders. We’ll also hear more from Sharon, a 58-year-old suburban Chicago woman who became addicted to opioids following a surgical procedure to address her chronic pain. After being confronted about her addiction by her sister, Sharon finally decided to seek help at the Chapman Center.

Episode 3: On the Frontlines of the Opioid Epidemic

In this episode, we’re talking to NorthShore University HealthSystem’s Dr. Michael Nelson, a physician who is on the front lines of this epidemic. Dr. Nelson is helping save the lives of overdose victims who come into the emergency department, and working with patients who need help overcoming their addiction. Dr. Nelson also talks about the history of substance abuse in society and the frightening trends he sees today.