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Spiritual Care and Support

Spiritual Care

Our clinically trained, board-certified chaplains from the Spiritual Care and Support Department offer support to engage the spiritual dimension of people (their beliefs, faith, culture, values and religious practices) to foster healing, growth and well-being. Chaplains are available to provide spiritual counsel, emotional support and facilitate practice of religious rituals, ceremonies and cultural practices. Chaplains also provide spiritual support regarding end-of-life questions and decisions and grief.

Chaplains are available day and night 24/7. To contact a chaplain or request Spiritual Care services call the referral numbers listed below:

  • Evanston Hospital, 847.570.2330
  • Glenbrook Hospital, 847.657.5773
  • Highland Park Hospital, 847.480.2733
  • Skokie Hospital, 847.933.6433

Music Therapy

Music Therapy is the clinical and evidence-based practice of musical interventions to help achieve individualized therapeutic goals with patients. These goals might include:

  • Promoting wellness/improving or changing vital signs
  • Decreasing stress or anxiety
  • Promoting expression of emotions
  • Reducing pain perception
  • Strengthening family interactions/bonding as a loved one is transitioning
  • Enhancing one’s own spirituality
  • Providing comfort, peace and dignity to a patient who is dying

Our music therapist focuses on palliative care and hospice patients. After an initial assessment, the music therapist will design individual musical experiences using live and/or recorded music based on the patient’s needs and preferences. Musical ability is not required to benefit from music therapy. Referrals may be made by doctors, nurses, social workers or family members. Call one of the referral numbers below or page 7159.

Evanston Hospital, 847.570.1523
Glenbrook Hospital, 847.657.6878
Highland Park Hospital, 847.480.2607
Skokie Hospital, 847.933.6436
NorthShore Hospice, 847.475.3002