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Breast Surgery

Our dedicated breast cancer surgeons work closely with patients to determine the best surgical approaches for individualized cancer risk, while optimizing cosmetic outcome and recovery. Striving to remove cancer while minimizing damage to healthy tissue, our surgeons regularly collaborate with plastic surgery experts who specialize in breast reconstruction, as well as clinicians within our High Risk Breast Program to offer risk-reducing surgery as a preventive measure in high risk patients. NorthShore offers the latest techniques, from nipple sparing surgery to DIEP flap reconstruction.

Through collaboration with the Center for Breast Health, our specialists utilize the latest technology, including robotics, to perform minimally invasive surgery on patients with benign conditions, including hormonally related fibrocystic changes and breast infections. This less invasive technique can help alter the size and texture of otherwise healthy breast tissue. Many breast lumps do not require surgery and may be safely treated with image guided fine needle aspiration to confirm benign conditions or remove fluid collections.  

At the forefront of breast surgery, we were early adopters of radioactive seed localization of non-palpable breast tumors—ones that can’t be felt. This innovation allows our surgeons to more accurately pinpoint tumors for removal. Our team also utilizes the Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound, a non-invasive, radiation-free technique in conjunction with regular mammography for patients with dense breast tissues. This gives surgeons a 3D view of the breasts, which allows for more accurate diagnosis and treatment of benign and malignant tumors.

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