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Chicago Area Cancer Survivors Benefit from $50,000 Lance Armstrong Foundation Grant Awarded to NorthShore University HealthSystem 

NorthShore University HealthSystem program gives new LIFE to cancer survivors 

9/20/2006 - NorthShore University HealthSystem (NorthShore) was awarded a Community Program grant from the Lance Armstrong Foundation. The grant will help implement Living in the Future (LIFE) – a unique cancer survivorship program designed to create a bridge for continued care of post treatment cancer survivors. At its cornerstone, is a customized survivorship care plan that will facilitate a dynamic partnership among the patient, the oncologist and the primary care physician. The program will assist cancer survivors as they transition from cancer treatment to living in the future.

“While coddled and cared for in the intense environment of treatment, the post treatment cancer survivor is moving forward without a healthcare escort, often drowning without a LIFE preserver,” said Carol A. Rosenberg, MD, FACP, LIFE Program Director and Director of Preventive Health Initiatives for NorthShore. “LIFE will bridge the gap between the post treatment cancer survivor, facilitating a smoother transition from the oncology specialty care environment back to the community, family and primary care setting”

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LIFE is the first community program in the region specifically designed with evidence based cancer survivorship guidelines from the Institute of Medicine (IOM). The first year of the program will focus on breast cancer survivors and will expand to include all types of cancer in the following years.

There are an estimated 10 million cancer survivors in the United States. That number is expected to rise substantially as the population ages and new advances in the fight against cancer continue. Life after cancer treatment brings diverse and often unexpected physical and physiological challenges. These challenges are influenced by the survivor’s age at the time of diagnosis; the type and severity of the cancer and its treatment; financial and geographic access to follow up care; and employment and educational needs.

At the core of the LIFE program is an individualized risk adapted visit with a nurse and a customized survivorship care plan following a unique template set forth by the Institute of Medicine. This personalized long term care plan will include a portable detail of the survivor’s oncology diagnostic and treatment summary, cite guidelines for continued monitoring, include preventive practice recommendations, and map out available resources and services.“By awarding the NorthShore LIFE program an implementation grant, the Lance Armstrong Foundation importantly applauds our healing community for being a model for others in the healthcare industry,” said Dr. Rosenberg. “I feel proud and honored to take on a leadership role in this pioneering venture which addresses our community’s cancer survivors’ healthcare needs.”

An important aspect of the LIFE program is the Survivorship 101 Seminar: “Thrivership: Navigating Survivorship ­A Roadmap for LIFE.”  This is an educational and resource series available to all in the community, which covers major topics of cancer survivorship, as well as promotes the acquisition of skills to understand, select and navigate community based cancer survivor resources.
Our Living in the Future section will grow to provide updated access to survivorship news from the American Cancer Society and other reliable sources; health information for survivors and regional programming available; and registration for the Survivorship 101 series and teaching modules. 

About the Lance Armstrong Foundation 

The Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) inspires and empowers people affected by cancer. We help people with cancer focus on living; we believe that unity is strength, knowledge is power and attitude is everything. From the moment of diagnosis, the LAF provides the practical information and tools people with cancer need to live life on their own terms. The LAF serves its mission through advocacy, public health and research. Founded in 1997 by cancer survivor and champion cyclist Lance Armstrong, the LAF is located in Austin, Texas. For more information visit 

Official Lance Armstrong Foundation Press Release announcing community grants.