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Multidisciplinary Team

At NorthShore Kellogg Cancer Center we take a multidisciplinary approach that includes collaboration among the following team members putting each patient at the center of a personalized treatment plan.

The following services ensure each patient is supported through the entire cancer care continuum, from diagnosis and into survivorship: 

Multidisciplinary Conferences

Disease-specific multidisciplinary conferences are a truly unique offering of NorthShore Kellogg Cancer Care Center. Every week, the multidisciplinary team meets to discuss each patient’s case in detail and to design a personalized treatment plan.

The team may include your medical oncologist, surgeon, radiation oncologist, oncology nurse, geneticist, pathologist, nutritionist, pharmacist, interventional radiologist, social worker and researchers, all focused on you.

Even when you are not present, you can feel confident that your progress and treatment plan are being discussed and coordinated by the specialists to whom you have entrusted your care.