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Classes and Events

Weight Management Class

Interested in losing weight and getting healthy? Join our weight management class. Guidance from a nutrition expert gives you cutting edge information that will allow you to reach your goals! Our class consist of 10 weekly topics including; healthy balance, label reading, menu planning, portion control, and optional private weekly weigh-ins. 

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Grocery Store Tours

Confused about nutrition labeling, food claims, and flashy marketing?  Sign up for a grocery store tour, lead by one of our dietitians, and stop the confusion.  During your tour, you will learn how to choose healthy foods, how to read nutrition labels, and have your nutrition questions answered by a registered dietitian After all, when it comes to eating healthy, the grocery store is the place to start.

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Evanston Farmer's Market

Load up on fruits, veggies, and knowledge at the Evanston's farmers market.  Stop by the dietitians booth at the Evanston Farmer's market to learn about nutrition and have your nutrition questiosn answered.