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Our Division of Neonatology at Evanston Hospital provides family-centered neonatal care to over 500 premature and special needs infants who are admitted to the Infant Special Care Unit (ISCU) each year.

Our team of 12 neonatologists uses cutting-edge technology to care for infants with conditions ranging from extreme prematurity to complex genetic disorders. For infants with problems requiring additional input, we are able to call on a large team of pediatric specialists. Should your child need surgery, we provide a full range of neonatal surgical services, with the exception of cardiac, onsite through our Pediatric Surgery Program.

Treatment Philosophy

At NorthShore we understand how stressful your infant’s health concerns can be, which is why we believe in keeping you informed and the lines of communication open. We provide collaborative care, working closely with our nursing staff, Perinatal Family Support and our Centers for Maternal and Fetal Health to create an environment of support for both child and parents.  We encourage parents to participate in family-centered rounds, in which parents become an integral part of the neonatology treatment team.  We have also pioneered the use of NorthShoreConnect to allow parents to stay up-to-date about their child’s condition and exchange secure messages with neonatal caregivers when they cannot be physically present.  Even after your child leaves the ISCU, he or she will be referred to our ISCU Developmental Follow-Up Clinic for evaluation and monitoring to ensure you have all the necessary tools for the future.

ISCU Developmental Follow-Up Clinic

The ISCU Developmental Clinic evaluates infants, toddlers and preschoolers up to 5 years of age. Infants are referred directly from the ISCU to monitor early at-risk conditions (e.g., prematurity or other problems at birth). We also accept referrals from pediatricians, parents and other outside sources about a child’s development or behavior.

Our Services

NorthShore's Division of Neonatology provides Diagnostic Developmental Assessments and follow-ups as needed regarding:

  • Monitoring development
  • Differential diagnosis
  • Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) evaluations
  • Communication, speech and language delays
  • Early learning challenges
  • Parent feedback with therapeutic recommendations and resources
  • Parent consultations

For More Information

Prior to scheduling a neonatal care appointment, we request each family complete and return our developmental history form. Once we receive your developmental history form, we can schedule an initial parent intake interview, child evaluation and a parent conference.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 847.570.2208. Please fax any necessary forms to 847.733.5057.