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Color Genetic Test

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide you the most advanced primary care, NorthShore University HealthSystem has partnered with Color™, a leading genetics and healthcare company, to provide a genetic testing program at a patient portion cost of $175.

Talk with your NorthShore doctor to get started.

  • This test provides valuable genetic insights to you and your doctor about your risk for cancer and heart conditions, and how your body might process certain medications.
  • The results from this testing can help your doctor develop a screening and prevention plan best tailored to you.
  • A simple blood draw can be completed at any NorthShore lab location after receiving an order from your doctor and consenting on NorthShoreConnect.
  • Your clinical results will be integrated with your NorthShore Electronic Medical Record. This allows all your NorthShore physicians to access your genetic testing results to help design your care plan for now and for your future care needs.