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Health Heritage

Knowledge of our genetic inheritance can often help predict common diseases and conditions we may be at risk of developing during our lifetime. To help our patients foster that knowledge, NorthShore is proud to become the first in the nation to provide our patients and their family members with Health Heritage, a secure online application that allows our patients to:

  • Create a family health history by automatically and securely downloading key parts of their medical record from their NorthShore electronic medical record
  • Generate personalized health risk reports and recommendations that can be shared with their physicians and used to create personalized screening and prevention plans
  • Review, add and update health information that relates to their risk of developing common inherited health conditions such as cancer
  • Share and exchange personal health information with relatives 

With Health Heritage our patients and their families have a powerful foundation on which to build personalized plans for improving their health, and potentially the health of family members. This secure, dynamic family health history will also be an essential part of the legacy our patients will leave their children and future generations.

For more information about Health Heritage, email or view our frequently asked questions

Health Heritage was designed and built by researchers and developers at NorthShore along with colleagues at the University of Virginia. Under the leadership of Drs. William Knaus and Leigh Baumgart, a multidisciplinary team of professionals from our NorthShore Health Information Technology and Medical Genetics departments are substantially expanding, updating and directly integrating Health Heritage with NorthShore’s award winning electronic medical record system.