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Women's Health

Women may experience a variety of medical conditions throughout various stages in their life. Meeting the unique needs of women, NorthShore provides comprehensive rehabilitation services that promote and enhance wellness throughout the full lifespan of our female patients.

Our physical therapists possess specialized training to evaluate and treat female-related health needs, including prenatal and postnatal care. We also treat patients for conditions resulting from pregnancy or aging such as pelvic floor disorders and osteoporosis. Following a comprehensive evaluation, all patients receive a personalized rehabilitation treatment program.

Obstetrical Dysfunction

Many women experience back pain and other discomfort during pregnancy. Expectant mothers understandably undergo many physical changes that may affect ligaments or body mechanics as well as exacerbate pre-existing conditions that result in new pain.

Obstetrical dysfunction can be treated with proper evaluation by experienced rehabilitation specialists. Our therapists provide instruction in modifying and enhancing body mechanics and posture as well as optimal positioning for labor and delivery. They also may recommend exercises specifically geared toward the pregnant woman and her changing body.

Perinatal Exercise Class

Women learn to safely and effectively keep fit in this perinatal exercise class during and after pregnancy and practice exercises under the supervision of a physical therapist. This special class provides education on:

  • pelvic floor health
  • postpartum fatigue/depression
  • posture and body mechanics
  • diastisis management
  • C-section scar management
  • sexual healing

NorthShore also offers a perinatal aquatic class at our downtown Evanston location at the Evanston Athletic Club. To register online, visit our Classes and Events page.


Osteoporosis affects 22 percent of postmenopausal women and 60 percent of women over the age of 80. A decrease in bone mass and change in bone architecture generally characterize this progressive degenerative disorder. Risk of fracture, especially of the spine, is the greatest concern for those with the condition. 

NorthShore’s Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Services team focuses on educating patients on precautions and postural awareness to prevent fractures. Register for an exercise class “Bones and Balance” on our Classes and Events page.

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