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Radiation Oncology Team

NorthShore Radiation Oncology has a highly skilled team that includes:
Radiation Oncologist | Medical Physicist | Dosimetrist | Therapist | Nurse

The Radiation Oncology team is involved in planning, treating, and following you during your course of treatment. The team is lead by the radiation oncologists, who are physicians that have been specially trained in using radiation in the treatment of disease. All team members have a vital role in ensuring that each patient has the highest quality treatment plan delivered with a focus on clinical quality, safety, and individualized patient care.

Radiation Oncologist

The radiation oncologist will meet with you to review your medical history and disease. He or she will develop an individualized treatment plan based on your disease specifics and medical history. The physician works with our trained physics staff that calculates and designs the treatment plan based on their assessment. The treatment plan is developed so radiation is focused precisely on the tumor with a technique that can be delivered accurately on each day of treatment. The radiation oncologist reviews images of the treatment area at least once per week to carefully monitor treatment progress and meets with each patient weekly to review and make adjustments to treatment as necessary.

Medical Physicist

Medical physicists work directly with the radiation oncologist during treatment planning and throughout treatment delivery. They review all plans prior to treatment and oversee daily, weekly and monthly quality checks on all equipment. The medical physicist is responsible for a comprehensive quality program to ensure all machines and equipment are functioning properly in accordance with state and federal guidelines.


The dosimetrist  works closely with both the radiation oncologist and physicist to design the individualized treatment plan for each patient. They are instrumental in ensuring that many of the second checks and quality oversight in the department are completed. The actual treatments delivered by the therapist are reviewed regularly by the dosimetrist to ensure that the patient’s course of therapy is going as planned.


Therapists work to ensure that the treatment plan is correctly administered to each patient. Two therapists are responsible for positioning the patient correctly based on the treatment parameters. They have an established second check in the room to ensure the patient is correctly positioned. There are two therapists responsible for a “read back” of the treatment parameters for each patient’s treatment. Patients’ treatments will not be initiated unless all aspects of the treatment are correct. Patient treatment areas are imaged on a regular basis to ensure the area being treated is correct and unchanged.


Nurses work closely with the radiation oncologist and radiation therapist. The nurse is responsible for ensuring that all patients are properly educated regarding what to expect and watch out for during the course of treatment. They closely monitor patients, meeting with them at least once weekly to review progress. They are part of the multidisciplinary team and will direct patients to other services when appropriate and will provide “next steps” as treatment completes.