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Gynecological Pain and Minimally Invasive Surgery

Deciphering the Hormonal and Nociceptive Mechanisms Underlying Bladder Pain (Chronic Pain Risk Associated with Menstrual Period Pain–CRAMPP)
Aims: The purpose of this study is to determine if some women with dysmenorrhea (painful periods) are at higher future risk of developing chronic pelvic pain (CPP) and if oral contraceptives (OC) can be used to reverse this chronic pain risk.
Diagnoses: Interstitial Cystitis/Painful Bladder Syndrome, Dysmenorrhea (painful periods), Migraine or Healthy Controls
Principal Investigator: Frank Tu, MD, MPH
IRB Approval Number: EH 13-094
Contact: Interested participants should contact Julia Kane at 847.570.2622.
Open to Enrollment: Yes

Novel Approaches to Investigation of Menstrual Pain
Aims: The purpose of this study is to find out how contractions of the uterus cause menstrual pain. Specifically, we want to find out if women with more pain have more electrical and muscle activity in abdominal tissue than healthy controls. We will also see how the nervous system responds (heart and respiratory rate). The study involves one 4-hour session during the participants menstrual period.
Diagnosis: Dysmenorrhea (painful periods)
Principal Investigator: Kevin Hellman, PhD
IRB Approval Number: EH11-210
Sponsor: NorthShore University HealthSystem  
Contact: Interested participants should contact Kat Dillane at 847.570.4903.
Open to Enrollment:  Yes